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What we do

Design — Test — Create

With a focus on innovation, Last Hold Games aims to bring refreshing mechanics and game play to the Board Game hobby.

Our games are designed over the course of months to years, rigorously play-tested by multiple groups before bringing our creations to Kickstarter.

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Who we are

Last Hold Games is a small Australian Board Game company. All LHG games are designed and created by the owner Ethan Cox. A large play-testing group then refines mechanics over multiple sessions. Stunning artists are then commissioned to bring the vivid worlds of LHG to life.

What we plan

Last Hold Games has plans for the creation of a range of Board Games covering multiple themes, from Role Playing to Worker Placement.

Our plan is to release each of these games on Kickstarter once they have reached their market phase.

Stay up to date with our progress by either signing up to our Newsletter or checking out the GAMES page.


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