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Awoken Classes

Each Class has its own unique abilities, making these the defining differences of your party’s characters.
All Classes have one or two class types; Support, Damage or Tank. These class types define the intended role of the class, but do not inhibit Players from using the abilities in other fashions.

The combination of Class abilities and Weapon/Magic Skill Trees allows for a vast array of characters and play styles.

Unique Class specific quests or events mark your character's levelling up. These can be easily tailored to the specific campaign or backstory of your characters, allowing for more personalized and in-depth levelling up.


Bard Class

Bards are a support class that mainly buff allies’ armour, weapons, and rolls or manipulate enemies with illusions and charm. While most Bards tend to stick to the fringes of battle, this doesn’t stop them from being a class that can take on multiple enemies alone. Their strength comes from their innate mastery of words, be they magical or conversational, for when it comes to a battle of words that Bard will always win.

Class features
Support Magic
Manipulative abilities
High Charisma


Berserkers are a Damage/Tank class that focus on wiping out enemies and battling on the front lines. Their unique strength and abilities allow Berserkers to defeat overwhelming foes much larger than themselves and singlehandedly survive the full brunt of an assault. The tattoos that cover their bodies are marks of prestige that glow a vibrant red when their power is used. To face a Berserker alone is an accomplishment, to survive the encounter is impossible.

Class features

High levels of Strength
High health points
Damage resistance


Berserker Class


Druid Class


Druids are a Support/Damage class that use the natural world around them to defend allies and ward off enemies. Some Druids will send their animal companions in to assist in the fighting while staying on the edge of battle to cast spells. Other Druids take on the form of wild beasts and charge into battle alongside their companions. Their strength and power comes from their devotion to the god of nature and rebirth, Koran Gare.

Class features

High levels of Magic
Multiple companions
Morph ability
Control over nature


Mages are a powerful Damage/Support class that can hone their self-tailored magic specialty to mastery. Mages have the ability to charge into battle with attack magic, tearing foes apart with gouts of flame or razor thin air. Mages can also harness the power of reality altering magic like bending gravity to their will or suspending an enemy in time. Their magic prowess makes Mages a deadly class in all situations.

Class features

High levels of Magic
Magical companions


Mage Class


Monk Class


Monks are a Damage/Support class, masters of close quarters combat and restoration. Their devotion to their god, Nehmala, grants them ability such an unique ability to call about their deity for physical help. Their swift combat and movement also allows Monks to head into the heat of battle, dealing while avoiding damage.

Class features

Medium levels of Magic
High levels of healing
High Dexterity


Paladins are a Tank/Support class, protectors of the defenceless and executioners of evil. Paladins will often be found in the centre of battle, taking hits and protecting allies, allowing other classes to deal high amounts of damage. But, when faced with undead, the brilliance of a Paladin’s holy power shines through as undead fall to the Paladin’s blade. When facing down a horde of undead, a Paladin’s devoted beliefs will guide all to safety.

Class features

High health
Tank damage
Holy power against undead


Paladin Class




Rangers are a Damage Class that specialise in ranged weaponry and are masters of the wilderness. Spending most of their time on the edges of battle, Rangers are adept at moving quickly and quietly through unsteady terrain, ready to loose the next attack. Abilities make the Ranger a specialty class, capable in all terrains and masters of beasts.

Class features

High dexterity
High ranged damage


Rogues are a damage class that work best when undetected, staying off the front lines of combat and striking from the shadows
Rogues are shadowy individuals that see the world as a pocket begging to be picked. But be warned of the night, for this is when their daggers are sharpest.

Class features

High stealth
High damage when sneaking
Desire for anything that belongs to someone else




Warlock Class


Warlocks are a Damage/Support Class that receive their magical powers from a devotion and connection to a mystic being. These beings inhabit God Realms and offer unique bonuses, spells, and abilities to those willing to accept their will. Devastating curses and rioting Golems can easily sweep through attack lines, reducing enemies to nothing.

Class features

High levels of Magic
Ability to craft Golems
Ability to summon deity


Warriors are a Damage class that are integral to the flow of battle. With their high damage output, Warriors can easily drop into fights and turn the odds. Warriors are also great tacticians and instructors, able to support and direct other players to deal more critical damage.

Class features

High damage
Weapons Master
Strong battle tactics


Warrior Class
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