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Awoken Races

There are 9 unique races within the world of Awoken. Each race has a combination of altered Attributes and Specialty abilities. 


Last Hold Games - Races - Human.png

Description - Identical to Humans of Earth; vastly wide in appearance.


Home Land - Midria.

The northern Kingdom of Satal. The climate ranges from grasslands and forests in the South to snow-covered planes and mountains along the northern coastline. Rocky, dry, landscape can be found toward the

south-west of the Kingdom, surrounding the Dandahl Desert, home to Satal’s city of Culture, The Great City of Techni. Artmidia is ruled by a multitude of small

Baronies, these Barons answer to either the Northern, Southern, Western, or Eastern Wardens, who in turn answer to The High King. 


Size – Medium



Strong Mind: Slight Advantage on a Will Reflex checks against magic once per week. 


+1 to Action score

Description - Tall and Regal. Skin tones range through all light pigmentation. Hair is any metallic hue. 


Home Land - Borontine. 

The Southern Kingdom of Satal, also the largest. The most southern regions of Borontine are overgrown with lush rainforests and jungles. Moving up the kingdom, the terrain becomes more pastoral with grassy plans and rolling hills. This is why Borontine is known as the Bread Basket of Satal. Borontine is covered in farms and hamlets. Larger towns can be found along major rivers, while The Citadel City is the Kingdom’s Capital. The Citadel City is a vast circular expanse of buildings, broken by three massive white-stone walls, which encircle each of the major districts. The outer district is the lower and middle-class residence, the middle district is for trade and commerce buildings, and the inner district is the higher class and Castle district. Each district can be segmented off by the walls and flooded for defensive purposes. Borontine is ruled by the Forever King.


Size – Medium 




+1 Will 


+1 Speed 


Dark Vision 

(High Elves)

Last Hold Games - Races - High Elf.png

(Dark Elves)

Last Hold Games - Races - Dark Elf.png

Description - Tall and Regal. Skin tones range through all dark pigmentation. Hair is a metallic hue, usually white, silver, dark red, or black. 


Home Land - Serotian Collective.

The Eastern Kingdom of Satal. The region is constantly misty, full of deep forests, swamps, marshland, and rocky outcrops. Dark Elves live in unison with the land, crafting homes within the land, but never bending it to their will. Since the war, there is less law or governance in the region than ever before. Rough Law resides in these towns, with no monarchy and only a few powerful warlords controlling their respective regions. 


Size – Medium 




+2 Dex 


Dark Vision 


+1 Actions

Description - Small, stocky humanoids. All Dwarfs, male and female, have thick long beards.


Home Land - Rockfall.

The Centre Kingdom of Satal. Above ground, only 3 villages can be found, to the South, North, and East of the Kingdom. These are the main trade entrances to Rockfall, a vast warren of tunnels that connect underground villages and towns. Vast caverns house the major cities, with the largest being The Crack. Rockfall is below the largest mountain range on Satal. It’s highest peak, Mount Dakarin, believed to be raised from the ground by Dakar the Radiant during a previous Chaotic shift, the save the inhabitants of Satal while Regius the Foul ravaged the land. The Dwarfs have four Clans; Stone and Coal, Common Metals, Precious Metals, and Gems. Each Clan represents what the Dwarfs mine. 


Size – Small 




+2 Will 


-1 Speed 


-2 Health


Last Hold Games - Races - Dwarf.png


Last Hold Games - Races - Gnome.png

 Description - Small gaunt humanoids. As adults, they resemble young human children.


Home Land - Gorgon Spire.

Western Kingdom of Satal. The Gorgon Spire is named after the massive, seemingly unnatural mountain that rises near the Kingdom’s coastline. The Kingdom is the smallest on Satal and is separated from the rest of the continent by a massive canyon that encompasses the kingdom from the north to south coastline. Stone spires litter the canyon connected by wooden rope bridges. Gnomes live in the hilly countryside of the Gorgon Spire, making their homes within the grassy hills. Their small population are all worshippers of Nehmala, the goddess of Life. There are no clans or kings within the Gnomish kingdom, only a selected few Elders who govern. 


Size – Small 




- 2 Speed 


-3 Health 


A little bit of Luck: Force any D20 roll to be re-rolled once per week.

Description - Large, hulking humanoids. Orcs range in colour from shades of green to brown and occasionally red and blue. All orcs stand over 7ft tall.

Home Land - Serotian Collective.

The Eastern Kingdom of Satal. Orcs live in small villages, made of tents and huts. They have no single king and are instead ruled by 12 warlords, leaders of the 12 Clans. These leaders are the strongest and can only be dethroned in battle. Two of the clans are ruled by Magic Warlords, but the others are controlled by Warriors. After the war, between the Serrotian Collective and the Elven and Human Kingdoms, many Orcs were taken as slaves. The human kingdom has outlawed slavery, but the Elves still hold Orcs captive as slaves. 


Size – Medium 




+2 Strength 


-1 Speed 


-1 Intelligence 


Last Hold Games - Races - Orc.png


Last Hold Games - Races - Goblin.png

Goblin Description - Small, knobbly creatures. Goblins vary drastically in size and colour, from small mindless Stone-Goblins to almost human-sized Hob-goblins.


Home Land - Serotian Collective.

The Eastern Kingdom of Satal. Goblins live all over the Kingdom, in huts, tents, and shambled messes. Some live in the high mountains while others live in the lowlands swampy lowlands. Each Goblin type has evolved for its environment and is visually distinct. Many goblins are nomadic and travel from populated area to populated area, pillaging homes and caravans; anything that can be pillaged. Goblins are also a blight on other Kingdoms, as they constantly travel and ravage distant lands. Goblins have no political structure and will often argue and fight amongst themselves for the hell of it. 


Size – Small




-1 Speed 


-4 Health 


Faking it: When falling below 0 health feign unconsciousness and gain 10 temporary health points that last 2 rounds. Can only be used once per day.

Description - A merger between High or Dark elf and Human. Their hair is more akin to Humans', but has strands of metallic 


Home Land - High-Half Elves are more accepted in Midria among Humans. The majority of High Elves look down on them as half breeds. Dark-Half Elves are only truly accepted in the Serotian Collective.


Unfortunately, higher class High elves have a disdain for half elves, desecration of the Aelhai pure blood. Pure blood Dark Elves see no issue with half-breeds.

Size - Medium


+2 Will or +2 Dex

Dark Vision - The ability to see in the dark clearly, though the world is monochromatic and devoid of colour.

(Half Elves)

Last Hold Games - Races - Half Elf.png

(Horned Men)

Last Hold Games - Races - Horned Man.png

Description - Human in appearance. All Horned-Men have mocha/light brown skin. Dark bone formations protrude from their skin, usually around the major joints of the body and their heads.


Home Land - The Sunrise Isles.

A mass of Islands just to the east of the Satal continent. These tropical islands house the major population of Horned Men, who traverse the hundreds of small islands via boat. Horned Men are the most common traders in Satal. They do not pick sides during wars and may freely move through all the lands. Their politics are similar to Gnomish, where a select few elders govern the populace. Only Horned Men may enter the Sunrise Isles, all others that do are turned away, or never return.

Size - Medium


+1 intelligence
+1 Actions
+1 Charisma
-2 Will

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