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Premium Custom Engraved Wood and Leatherette Dungeon Master Screen

Premium Custom Engraved Wood and Leatherette Dungeon Master Screen

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Custom engraved Wood and Leatherette Dungeon Master Screens. Choose your colour, design, and custom wording.


We handcraft and deliver beautiful wooden Dungeon Master screens. Choose from our lighter Rich Chestnut or more sinister Dark Oak stained wood and their complimenting leatherette. Then decide on which intricate laser engraved design for your screen. Choose from the light-hearted Bard, the fiery Wizard, or the fearsome Warrior designs.


2 Brass hinges allow the Critical Wings to fold inwards for easy transport and a groove is cut into the top of each screen which allows the Dungeon Master to hang any important information.

The final design choice is the Custom Wording! Is this a gift for yourself, “The greatest DM” or a gift for your favourite “TPK Master”? Whatever the occasion, make it special and have it engraved.

  • Order and crafting times

    To ensure we can offer the best possible quality at the best price, we will be crafting these in runs. Keep updated on our socials for when we open for orders.

    For any assistance please contact us at


    Standard shipping: 2-5 business

    We are currently only shipping to Australian Addresses. International shipping will be coming in late 2022.

  • Sustainable Packaging and Shipping

    We are completely Carbon Neutral and our shipping containers are Biodegradable! When launching these DM Screens we wanted to do everything we could to offset our waste and carbon footprint. That's why we're partnering with Sendle for all our deliveries, a fast, affordable, and eco friendly delivery company. We're also using biodegradable packaging and bubble wrap to ensure your package gets to you safe and without any landfill waste!

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