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Creator and Game Designer

Ethan Cox is Last Hold Games' creator and designs all of the company's game titles. As a sole trader, all aspects of day to day company tasks are completed by Ethan, (even writing this third person...which is weird). 

After graduating University in late 2017, Ethan decided to put his heart and time into turning a small D&D 5e Homebrew into its very own game system; Awoken. Since this decision, Ethan has been adding to Awoken, sourcing international artists, and designing a game that the entire RPG community will enjoy.

While Awoken is Last Hold Games' flagship game, many other Games are in their design phases. Be sure to keep up to date with these new projects by signing up to our newsletter.

Core Game Testers

Since the initial foray into game design, Last Hold Games has been lucky enough to have a dedicated and diverse play testing group. While this group has grown, the initial seven play testers can be seen on the first design for the front cover box art of Awoken (image below).

LHGs takes play testing quite seriously as this not only helps refine mechanics but gauges the consumer enjoyment and replayability of our titles.

Group Play Testers.png


Artwork is an important aspect of game design to Last Hold Games. We want to design games that players not only want to play but want to showcase and display on their game shelves. This is why LHGs is dedicated to commissioning the best international artists to bring our worlds to life.

Nur Iman

Awoken Box Art : Character Designs : Monster Designs


Nic Morales

Awoken Title Art : Item cards : Monster Designs

Taieri Eve

"Town Builder game" : Character Designs : Environments

Future Artists...

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