Last Hold Games is a small up-and-coming board game design company based in Australia.

Last Hold Games was created and run by Ethan Cox, a budding writer and games enthusiast. In 2015 Ethan was working on a homebrew story line for D&D 5e for he and his friends. Over the next few years the homebrew grew with new mechanics, monsters, Gods, and gameplay. In 2017 Ethan graduated from university and decided "I've got nothing better to do, I'll turn this into my own game". All of 2018, Ethan has been adding to Awoken, sourcing international artists, and designing a game that the community will enjoy.

At the moment, LHG is looking towards their first game launch on Kickstarter in Mid-2019. There is no set date for the release yet.

In late January 2019 there will be an Open Beta for interested parties, to get their own "print and play" version of the game to test and attempt to break!


Box cover : Character : Monster Artist

Nur Iman

Item Artist:

Nic Morales

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