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Unnamed Guild


Our Unnamed Guild Project is an add on for modern RPGs, such as D&D 5e and Pathfinder 1 or 2. The main intent for the project is to offer players a safe haven while travelling the wilds and allows for the passive accumulation of wealth and gear as players send Guild Members on Quests.

A modular Guild Board, a roster of over 50 different Guild members, multiple Guild Quests for different regions, and three unique playable story arcs creates not just a filler add on for down time, but a rich an immersive campaign for all players.

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This project has three main sources of game play:

Modular Guild Board

Players will begin by acquiring the beginnings of a travelling Guild (see Player Story Arcs). From here, Players will be able to purchase different caravans, employ different shop keepers, and customize the layout of their camp.

Guild Quests

Players will collect guild members along their travels and will be able to send them on challenging and rewarding quests. These quests are not always simple and can often mean death for guild members if the challenge is too great.

Player Story Arcs

How and why does your adventure party now own and operate a travelling guild? Find out through one of three unique Story Arcs. Each Arc contains 5 full Player quests that catalogue to rise and possible demise of your guild.

Guild Board

A place of strength and safety, the travelling guild offers Players a measure of protection while exploring the wild lands. Here, Players can converse with their Guild Members, trade with their purchased Caravans and launch Guild Quests.

The Guild Board is fully modular with six slots for purchased Caravans. Players can customize the layout and composition of their camp as they choose to purchase or discard Caravans. Each Caravan offers unique boons to help adventurers such as highly discounted potions and free weapon enchantments.

Guild Quests

The world is often too large and full of terrors for just one party to protect. But, under your guidance and leadership a new generation of adventurer can flourish.

Guild Quests allow Players to send their Guild Members on challenging quests to collect wealth and resources. With their mini-board game style of play, Guild Quests keep players engaged and active during downtime.

How Guild Quests Work

Players are attempting to beat the Challenge Level of each quest by choosing strong Guild Members to send. This combined strength creates a Completion Score, leading to greater rewards the higher this score rises.

Guild Quests use a combination of worker management mechanics and dice rolling to enrich gameplay.

Guild Members


The core of each party's Guild is its Members. These fledgling adventurers seek to hone their skills and make a name for themselves under your instruction.

Guild Members can specialize through one of three dedications; Strength, Protection, or Riches.

Strength Dedication: Guild Member rises the likelihood of Quest completion.

Protection Dedication: Guild Member rises the likelihood of survival when on Quests.

Riches Dedication: Guild Member rises the likelihood of loot when on Quests.

Guild members also have a need for Loyalty to your Guild, otherwise, they will search for riches and fame elsewhere. To increase Loyalty, Players need to gain Renown, pay their Guild Members, and also ensure their Members' general Happiness.

Renown: Special accomplishments, quests, and items offer Renown which will send stories of your far and wide.

Payment: Each week, Guild Members require payment for their services. 

Happiness: Living Guild Members are happy Guild Members. Whenever a Member dies on a Quest, the general happiness will plummet. But, Happiness can be bolstered with events and ale.

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