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Awoken is a fantasy RPG system for 4-7 Players that homages its classic predecessors while bringing new life to the genre with modern mechanics.

Awoken focuses on deep storytelling through the fluidity of its story arcs. This is achieved through Class specific adventures and Solo Quests when a character levels up. Awoken's "Open Play System" also allows for deep character personalization as Players can choose to learn any weapon or magic and progress through that weapon/magic's specific Skill Tree.

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Awoken plays like a classic RPG with dice rolling, character attributes, and unique class abilities. One player becomes the Game Master, the all knowing and all powerful overseer of the game. The Game Master will play as all the Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) that the other players encounter, including enemies. The other players will be given a list of 10 Classes to choose from, at which point they will create their first character.

Influenced by classic RPGs, Awoken takes a modern approach to the genre with an overhaul to mechanics, more streamlined gameplay, and a stronger focus on character customisation.


Replacing Weight Management in a fun and artistic way, Awoken has introduced a physical card and inventory system to help players keep track of their equipment. Players will need to acquire weapons and gear by collecting the item card and fitting it into their grid inventory.

Three card sizes are used to illustrate item size;

Tarot Card - Large (Great-Sword, Bows…)

Poker Card - Medium (Swords, Chest Pieces…)

Mini Card- Small (Boots, Helmets…)

These cards contain a unique illustration of the item, item value, item stat modifiers, a small amount of lore, damage (weapons), protection (armour), and companion scores.

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The Universe is an expanding ball of mystery and mayhem, ever creating and changing. Within these vast folds of space it is easy to miss a secondary blue dot, mirroring our own Earth. But, if you look close enough you can find it and the stories it holds. For its fate and survival is bound to our own...your own, on the second blue dot of Satal.

For hundreds of millennia, Earth and Satal have been linked by a magic conduit; a thin barrier between our worlds that many people...and creatures have passed through. A continuous fight for survival has forced the planet to use this conduit to replenish itself, taking from our prehistoric world up to the modern age. Here you shall find creatures long thought extinct, vanished civilisations, and sights you could never believe possible.

Each campaign for the Awoken game system is intended to offer strong engagement, depth of narrative and characters, and the vastness of possibility for the players.

These goals are accomplished with the use of two major mechanics;

Lasting Legacy

Throughout each campaign, players will need to make important decisions - though they may feel unimportant at the time. Their decisions will have lasting impacts on major and minor story arcs.

Variety Narratives

The composition of the adventuring party will dictate many of the possibilities during quests. Special quests, dialogue options, and dungeon paths will become available for the right Class.


Non-playable Characters

Awoken's world hinges greatly on the vividness of the world's denizens, commonly know as NPCs (Non Playable Characters). NPCs can range from shop keepers and companions, to evil kings and demonic giants. All important NPCs have physical and verbal descriptions so players can be dragged into their Game Master's story telling.

Game Masters will also find valuable dialogue cues in the form of paragraphed monologues, dot point Character knows segments, and general tone descriptions.

NPCs are one of the major pillars of a believable world which is why Awoken focuses so heavily upon creating living, realistic characters.


One of Awoken's major stand-out features is the design of each player's first character. Players will be creating themselves instead of a Dwarven or Orcish character. This offers new players an easier transition into role playing games and veterans are afforded an unique play style.

Classes have specialised quests in which players will learn their new level's ability or skill. These quests will appear after set stretches of time in game rather than after collecting amounts of EXP. Each class is connected to a Faction in the world, therefore leveling up amounts to moving up through the ranks of these Factions.

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