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Want to host a unique gaming night? Look no further!
Last Hold Games’ exclusive Games Night Package is designed to create a gaming night like no other. Our team will arrive at your location, ready to scan each of your party members with our high-detailed 3D scanner.
With our cutting-edge 3D scanning tech, you and your party members will each receive 2 stunningly detailed miniatures that perfectly capture your likeness. Each guest will receive both a Large and a Small Miniature, providing a truly special memento and a perfect Miniature for your next Games Night.

Book our Games Night Package today and be one of the few in Australia to access this exclusive experience, available only from Last Hold Games.


- Games Night Package details -


Minimum of 4 people per event

Each guest receives
1 Small (60mm) and
1 Large (120mm) miniature.

Small and Large Miniature designs can be the same or different.


Cost $150 per person
(Free Shipping)


Parties of 6+ reduces price to $125


Location dependant
(more info below)

Choose your location

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